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Due to the rapid growth of CoinDreams in the past few months (ie: achieving our latest milestone of 10,000 downloads), we are expanding our team to keep pace. With that being said, we are happy to bring on the latest team member of CoinDreams, YuurinBee.

YuurinBee is a co-founder of the ZENZO Ecosystem, which many of you are familiar with by now. For those that are not, ZENZO is an all-encompassing gaming ecosystem for the gamer, by the gamer, through blockchain. ZENZO is one of our proud partners and they have also helped us achieve some of the best results for events on the CoinDreams app.

Though “Bee” is most well-known for his designs and unique style, he will be helping transform CoinDreams from a hobby and passion project to a sustainable business… and of course, he will be helping with design! He has already started creating the blueprints for CoinDreams 2.0 and we are happy to share a sneak peek with you all here…

CoinDreams 2.0

For quite some time, CoinDreams has considered creating our own tokens (NFTs) for special events and milestones, like the 5K downloads milestone. Thanks to the Kriptomat minting contest, we thought that could be a great opportunity to participate and see if people would like to receive little pieces of CoinDreams history.

What does that mean?

We’ll mint a special, exclusive NFT for each milestone we hit and we’ll give it away for free to all Dreamers, who use the CoinDreams app. Yeah, that’s right! We want you to be part of CoinDreams history because you all are have helped make CoinDreams what it is today. The first token will be to celebrate the 10K downloads milestone that we have already achieved.

These tokens will be minted, following the ERC-1155 protocol from Enjin, which will allow us to create Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum network. We’ll have different categories for our tokens and they will each have different purposes. Some of them will be only art collectables. Others will enable special features and benefits on the CoinDreams app and even a few very special tokens will enable features in other apps and games. These are just concepts at the moment, but we’re already researching and planning how to make them as valuable as possible for our community.

In conclusion, keep your notifications enabled and be prepared for some fun and interesting changes from CoinDreams. We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in our community for believing in what we are doing and YuurinBee for his efforts to take CoinDreams to the next level. CoinDreams 2.0 is on its way!

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