Monthly Top 5: March 2019

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We’re happy to share with all of you a new category in our blog: Monthly Top 5! In this new category we want to show two rankings with info about the events that got more likes from all of the Dreamers who use CoinDreams app.

The first ranking is a monthly report to show the top 5 events that got more likes since the first day of the month until the end of the same month. At the end of the month we will update the ranking to show you which ones were the trending events.

The giveaway related to the alliance between ZENZO and us (CoinDreams), is the one that performed better on March. It was the first time we started to give away a reward different from a coin or token. The great QR-drop made by Enjin for the GDC 2019, is the one that follows very close to the number one. Enjin distributed a QR code for all the assistants to the GDC 2019 and also for all the community once the GDDC ended.

Monthly Top 5: March 2019

Overall Top 10

We also want to share with you a second ranking with the events that got more likes from the very beginning of CoinDreams until the end of the month we announce in each article.

This is the first time we make this ranking, so there aren’t changes in the positions comparing from previous months. Next reports will start showing interesting movements like how events climb to new positions or even they go down to the bottom.

Hedgie’s giveaway is the best event until March 2019. We saw a great interest from the community with this event that we proudly hosted on CoinDreams. Hedgie gave away 10 Essential Hedgies to 10 lucky winners, a very great prize. But the best thing was that each participant got 1 Free Hedgie as well, no matter if they won the Essential Hedgie. There is no doubt why this event received so many likes from the community.

Overall Top 10 until March 2019

You can see how important is to show your passion and love to the events we list. Those companies, websites and independent authors who create this events will appreciate very much the likes you give to them.

If you liked this article, let us know in the comments and we will keep posting every month with new rankings and interesting info about them.

Have a nice day! ☀️


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