Monthly Top 5: April 2019

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June is around the corner, but we wanted to share with you how well the events did for the month of April first. As Gandalf would say:

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There were some impressive events this month and increasing attention from the likes of Dreamers. The best one was the event from ZENZO and PIVX to celebrate their newly formed alliance. They got 216 likes and become the event with the most likes ever! We highlighted this event because they gave away amazing rewards like the new game Far Cry: New Dawn, and huge amounts of ZNZ and PIVX.

Spirit Clash also performed great with 115 likes! Lots of Dreamers joined their Telegram group and also followed them on Twitter. We are really looking forward to playing a demo of Spirit Clash!

Take a look to the following list to see how well the Top 5 Events did on April:

Monthly Top 5: April 2019

Overall Top 10

April is only the second month since we started sharing info about the monthly top events. For the first time we saw some events climb the ranks to the top of the list, while other events went down or even disappeared from the list. Some events consolidated with the best results we’ve ever seen on CoinDreams, like the ZENZO and PIVX alliance giveaway or the Spirit Clash giveaway. Both events gave away digital assets, but also digital copies of games. No matter if game runs on a blockchain or not, Dreamers love all kind of games!

Overall Top 10 until April 2019

We hope you enjoyed this interesting results and you saw any of the events you liked in the lists above. All the likes to do to your favorite events, helps them to get more popularity and rank better in our monthly top lists.

If you liked this article, let us know in the comments and we will keep posting every month with new rankings and interesting info about them.

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