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Hi Dreamers! Yesterday, Lumi Wallet announced the winner of their Community Voting Competition for the Crypto Games Conference and we won! 🎉

Thank you to everyone! It has been a big challenge to compete with such amazing projects like Chibi Fighters and 0xUniverse. We received great support from our community from the beginning and we appreciate it so much!

This last weekend was the key to reach our community and receive almost the triple the amount of votes that we already received. How did we do it, you may ask. Easy, thanks to Push Notifications. 😁

We don’t like to spam our community and app users with useless notifications about topics that they don’t care about. Instead, we send notifications only when flash (last minute) or very important events are listed on CoinDreams. Although this competition wasn’t an event listed on CoinDreams, we wanted to let all of the Dreamers know about this competition. Helping CoinDreams to win only helps everyone and opens the gates to a better future for all of the community.

On Friday, we had 106 votes and we were ranked 2nd place. That was already great! Honestly, we were very proud of our community to get such great results. Surpassing even bigger communities and more well-established projects, we were astonished. Wow! Though, we have always been incredibly confident in our awesome community…

That’s why we decided to do this for the first time ever, a notification to all devices for our Dreamers, to let them know about the competition. This kind of notification belongs to the “Other updates” category and users can disable them in the Settings section to avoid receiving any notifications of this type. So, we sent the notifications and this is the result from our actions.

Quite impressive to see how we were able to go beyond an amazing community belonging to the popular game, Chibi Fighters.

Last but not least, we would like to say thanks to Lumi Wallet for hosting a great event like this and Crypto Games Conference for giving away epic prizes to the community. Please take your time to visit their websites and also their social media accounts, they deserve much more recognition for their awesome work.

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