App Update Series #3

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Hi, everyone! We’ve been working on some very interesting new features to make your life easier when using CoinDreams. Let’s take a look at them below.

New filters

Originally, we thought that the existing filters were good enough to see active or expired events. Later on, we realized that they were not refined enough to find new and precise events. That’s why we added two new ways to filter events from the list…

The first filter will let you order events by order and there are three different options:

  • Recently added. This is the default filter you’ve always seen. All events will appear based on the date we listed them, ranging from the first one the newest.
  • Ending soonest. A very useful filter if you want to see those events that are going to expire soon and you want to check them quickly and often.
  • Most popular. A filter with plenty of love! 💖 All events will be listed based on the likes that they received. You’ll first see the most beloved events by Dreamers, like you!

The second filter will help you to only list those events belonging to the categories that you are really interested in. For example, if you only like events like airdrops to get free items with no extra tasks, but also promos to buy game items with discounts or special offers, you can select the Airdrops and Promos options in the filters section. This will only show these types of events. Nothing else will bother you while checking the events that you really want to check or follow. 😉

Select the filters to check the events you’re really interest on

ERC-1155 support

We always try to offer the best support for all kinds of blockchains, games, and projects to provide the best information about them. ERC-1155 is a new standard for tokens developed by Enjin. Once we learned about ERC-1155 tokens, we simply loved it because of all of the new features that they provide to the gaming world. That’s the reason why we decided to go one step forward and provide better quality information for all projects utilizing ERC-1155 tokens.

You’ll see a better approach when listing ERC-1155 rewards by showing the token name, the ID, the ENJ backed amount, an option to open an in-app browser and check the asset on EnjinX (explorer), and also other information fields that we’ve improved to match the needs of ERC-1155 assets.

We have great plans for listing rewards in a better way and also how we can keep improving the information we show, regarding different technologies, including the new ERC-1155 token standard from Enjin. 👍

Check interesting info from ERC-1155 assets on CoinDreams and also on EnjinX

Improved events

We received lots of valuable feedback from all of you, our beloved community, and we’ve been working hard to improve some points in the information screen for the events.

When an event ends (or is full) and doesn’t accept more participants, you will see a message instead of the instructions to participate. We thought that this could be useful to avoid participating on some events that had already finished.

If the event ended, you’ll see under the instructions a new row with a trophy icon. Now you’ll be able to check if you’re a winner, when it’s available.

From now on, we’ll also display DLive accounts belonging to projects, if they have a Dlive account.

Last but not least, you’ll notice that now the description of the event appears first and the instructions are placed next. We made this change because sometimes there is very important information in the description that you should read and we noticed that some users just performed the tasks, but never read the description. We hope you find it as useful as we do. 😊

Airdrop and bounty events once they ended or don’t accept more participants

New themes

…and here we go, the most colorful part of the update and one of our favorites! 🎨

Three great communities and projects wanted to have their own themes on CoinDreams. Everything Enjin and MultiverseBrotherhood have dark themes, both with their brand color to make some interesting contrast. BoxSwap is a light theme based on their own brand colors purple and pink, if you enjoy their website you will also love this new theme for sure!

We’re always open to add new themes and also receive feedback to update existing themes in order to improve them. Would you like to have your own theme on CoinDreams based on your project/game? Shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts!

Everything Enjin, MultiverseBrotherhood and BoxSwap themes

What’s next?

The next update will be a good opportunity to implement some nice features, in order to improve the way the rewards are displayed for each even. This also includes some extra information that we’d love to add, like wallets available for the project(s) of the event. We have also some other great ideas in mind that we’ll be sharing in the near future. So stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group! 😉

If you have any question or suggestions, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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