App Update Series #2

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Hi everyone! This time we wanted to make a quick release in order to give support to the Crypto Gamers Marathon Giveaway. We already shared the event as a single one, but that event was composed by other different giveaways. We had the option to add each single event to the main list, but honestly it was an ugly idea.

To solve this new scenario and offer a great user experience, we thought about creating a new format for huge events by listing all of the events belonging to them in a sublist. In this way, we still have a clean main list, and all the sub-events grouped in a different list.

App Update Series 2 Huge Events

We also added “Coming soon” events because there was some events still closed in the Crypto Gamers Marathon Giveaway. But to be honest, we still need to work into this feature and make them look better with useful info like the remaining days to be opened.

Version 1.4.1 (only Android)

Some users with Android 4.x reported problems when downloading the latest events from the main list. After checking this issue and being able to reproduce it, we fixed and released the new version 1.4.1. Now all Dreamers with Android devices below 5.0, will be able to use CoinDreams as expected and keep enjoying all of the new events and news there! 🎉

What’s next?

We still have the same ideas to be implemented in the next update. We just needed to take a break in order to get ready for the Crypto Gamers Marathon Giveaway.

So let’s review again what we said the last time. We have two main ideas in our mind:

  • Improve the Filters section in order to fit better your necessities.
  • Add the Coinlib API v1 BETA in order to provide real time prices of the rewards for those currencies that are already listed on Coinlib.

We will work on this two new features to be implemented in the next version 1.5.

If you have any question or suggestions, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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