App Update Series #1

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We are very excited to start this new Series and share with all of you the new releases we make. We really think this is a great way to explain what we added, changed or even removed in the new app updates.

Today we released the version 1.3 for Android and iOS apps, let’s see what’s new:

  • 💖 Favorite events
  • ✅ Completed events
  • ⭐️ Editor’s choice
  • 🎨 ZENZO theme

Favorite events

Many Dreamers (users of the CoinDreams community 😉) requested us a list to check easily those events that they liked. We also had plans for this, so this release was a good one to include this new feature!

If you like an event, all you need to do is go to the new My account section and then select the Favorite events button. You will have all of the events you liked with the same filters you had in the Events section. If you want to check events with different filters, you can open he Filters section and mark whatever filers you need.

Completed events

We also though that could be interesting to be able to mark those events that you already participated as completed. Would be great to do it automatically, but sadly most of the events we list are from third parties. For that reason we added the Mark as completed button to let you manually complete those events and track them easily in the Events section. All event you participated will have a green ribbon with a little check. Useful, right? 😍

Like we did with the Favorite events, you will be able to check easily the Completed events in a list. You will find it in the My account section.

Mark as completed an event and check it later in the list

Editor’s choice

We like to pin to the top those events that are very important. But furthermore, sometimes there are events extremely important with great rewards, or belonging to projects with a great future. Whatever the reason is, we created this new ribbon to share with you the events that we consider you can’t miss.

This is how an event looks when it’s Editor’s Choice

ZENZO theme

We introduced themes on CoinDreams just for fun and to let Dreamers customize the app to make it theirs. It’s incredible to see how people love to tune the app with the colors of the coin or tokens that they like most.

This time we wanted to add a theme based on the colors of our new, beloved partner ZENZO. You can read more about our new Alliance in their official blog post. We worked together with YuurinBee -one of the co-founders of ZENZO- to create a theme that emanates the essence and magic of ZENZO. A clean and modern theme that you will enjoy for sure!

We love themes! You love themes! Who doesn’t? 🙂

What’s next?

We have two main ideas in our mind:

  • Improve the Filters section in order to fit better your necessities.
  • Add the Coinlib API v1 BETA in order to provide real time prices of the rewards for those currencies that are already listed on Coinlib.

We will work on this two new features to be implemented in the next version 1.4.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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